Hey, you got multi-party incidents in my extreme events! You got extreme events in my multi-party incidents!

Here at Cyentia, we love cooking up analysis of cyber incidents in the service of better risk decisions. We’ve explored multi-party incidents (Ripples Across the Risk Surface) and extreme events (IRIS Xtreme) before. It’s only natural to wonder about the overlap of these dimensions. And that’s before considering recent fears about supply chain risk. That’s the purpose of our latest entry to the IRIS series: Tsunami (downloadable here).

We identified 50 of the largest multi-party cyber incidents over the past several years to understand their causes and consequences from beginning to end. We won’t cover all the juicy details here; that’s what the report is for. (Including detailed tables in the appendix–data nerds, we see you!)

Thirsty for more?

Read the full analysis here.

And if applying the latest insights from breach data to risk management is your cup of tea, consider Risk Retina, Cyentia’s IRIS-style analysis focused on your company and the risk dimensions that matter most.

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