Research Methodology

At Cyentia Institute, we deliver high-integrity, high-quality, data-driven research which provides meaningful marketing content for clients to use to drive sales, and attain greater visibility in competitive markets. We prefer to work with clients in an ongoing collaborative relationship, rather than one-off projects. This allows us to deliver maximum long-term value. While every project is unique, our methodology is consistent.


Meet with client to understand their market, product or service, data, and research goals.


We create a 1 to 2 year roadmap for the production of research content. This includes major publications, whitepapers, blog posts, podcasts and conference presentations.


We not only produce content, but we collaborate with customers to improve data quality, integrate research findings into products, and deliver value to internal teams and customers.


Client provides dataset along with suggestions on research directions or questions.


Client provides a research topic or set of questions.

Cyentia conducts background research and designs an appropriate data collection methodology.

Cyentia collects data, typically via public data sources, meta-analysis, survey, or interview.


Cyentia performs an exploratory data analysis (EDA) to develop intuition and derive initial findings.

Client and Cyentia review output from the EDA and collaborate on a path forward for deeper analysis.

Cyentia performs a comprehensive data analysis to derive key findings, and share findings with the client.


Cyentia creates a high-quality, compelling research report and a range of optional supporting content.

Customer publishes report and Cyentia supports PR and marketing activities.

Internet Risk Surface Preview

Internet Risk Surface Preview

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