IRIS Tsunami

Following the wake of damage from major multi-party cyber incidents

In almost every way imaginable, we live in a hyperconnected world. This connectivity has brought many benefits to modern business models, but it has also introduced myriad challenges and risks. If you take the time to deconstruct even the simplest of business transactions, you’ll find in the mix a surprising number of parties from technical components supporting the transaction to the completed delivery of products to the customer. But what happens to all these parties when something goes wrong?

That is ultimately the question the new IRIS Tsunami seeks to explore. We identified 50 of the largest multi-party cyber incidents over the past several years in an effort to understand their causes and consequences from beginning to end. If you are familiar with our other research in the Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) series, Tsunami draws from the same rigorous methodology. We started with a huge dataset of cyber loss events, identified those that involved multiple organizations, and then researched each event to understand who was behind it, what happened, how the after effects propagated through the supply chain, and the financial losses for all parties involved. Click the tab below for a sample of what’s in store in the full report.

IRIS 20/20 Xtreme

Analyzing the 100 largest losses of the last 5 years

The Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) 20/20 “Xtreme” edition continues the IRIS series with in-depth analysis of the 100 largest cyber loss events of the last 5 years. If you’re looking for stats on how often major security incidents occur, how much they cost, what makes them worse, who’s behind them, and how they go down, then this is the study for you! Click the tab below for a sample of what’s in store in the full report.

IRIS 20/20

A Clearer Vision for Assessing the Risk of Cyber Incidents

The IRIS 20/20 aims to clear the fog of FUD surrounding cyber risk and help managers see their way to better data-driven decisions. This first-of-its-kind study leverages a vast dataset from Advisen spanning tens of thousands of breaches over the last decade. Our extensive analysis of that dataset yields valuable insights about the frequency and financial impact of cyber incidents to organizations of all types and sizes. Click the tab below for a taste of what’s in store in the full report.