The Cyentia Institute is seeking sponsors for multiple public reports that will extend our Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) and Risk Retina lines of research. Details on this call are provided below. If interested, please fill out this form.

Since its initial release in 2020, the IRIS series has been dedicated to removing the fog of FUD that has long plagued cyber risk analysis and quantification. The IRIS 2022, sponsored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), analyzed 77,000 cyber events, $57 billion in reported losses, and 72 billion compromised records. It explored common patterns among those events and identified threat techniques that contributed to their success. The report has been extremely well-received, and it continues to be used by organizations around the world to support their risk management efforts.

In fact, many organizations using the IRIS contacted us requesting additional insights beyond those published in the reports. Our response to these requests was creation of our Risk Retina service. Think of Risk Retina as an IRIS that’s more focused on organizations similar to yours. They provide analysis of incident frequency, loss magnitude, and common event patterns specific to a specific industry group. Here’s one we made freely available for the Nonprofit sector. We charge a (very reasonable) fee for Risk Retinas for other sectors such as Finance and Healthcare. We’d like to develop and publish additional industry-based Risk Retinas under a sponsorship model.

Benefits of Risk Retina Sponsorship

Why would your company want to sponsor a Risk Retina? The most important benefit is the satisfaction that you are directly putting valuable information in the hands of cybersecurity leaders and teams to help them better assess and manage risk. Plus, you get to work with the incredible Cyentia team! ‘Nuff said, right?

Ok, ok…there’s more. We also hope the research will earn the appreciation of the organizations that benefit from it, and those sentiments will transfer favorably over to the sponsors who made it possible. Beyond those altruistic and indirect benefits, below is what sponsors will receive by being involved in this research.

Your Sponsorship Benefits Package Details
  • Recognition in the published Risk Retina (prominent placement of logo, short description, etc.)
  • Recognition in promotional activities related to publication (verbally mentioned in presentations, social tagging, etc)
  • Greater brand visibility and engagement among organizations in the sector serviced by the Risk Retina
  • Dedicated, full page, space in the published report to add your perspective and recommendations on the findings
  • Relevant, promotional media assets that include high-resolution versions of all data visualizations to use in your own promotional activities
  • Ability to create a branded version of the study to distribute independently via your own channels (cannot alter main content)
  • Enjoy enhanced visibility by being featured in the quarterly Cyentia Institute webinar, along with the option for a dedicated webinar to promote your sponsored report
  • The first to be considered for co-speaking and conference opportunities with the Cyentia Institute

“How can I become a sponsor?”

It’s super simple. Use this form to register your interest, and we’ll follow up to discuss the particulars. Thanks for your interest in supporting our efforts to bring IRIS and Risk Retina to a wider audience.