IRIS Risk Retia: Threat Event Analysis

We spill the “TEA” on Threat Events!

IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis dives into a decade of historical threat events, shedding light on the frequency and impact of common threat scenarios, actors, and techniques.

“Our goal is to offer a clearer, more data-driven perspective to support cyber risk assessments,” says the Cyentia Institute. “We recognize that threat event analysis is frequently obscured by hyperbole. With IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis, we aim to demystify this critical aspect of cybersecurity.”

To ensure the utmost accuracy and comprehensiveness, Cyentia Institute partnered with Advisen, harnessing their Cyber Loss Data, which includes a staggering 150,000 historical cyber events collected from publicly verifiable sources. This dataset is widely recognized and leveraged by numerous cyber insurers and reinsurers, solidifying its status as the most comprehensive incident dataset available.

Complementing Advisen’s data, Cyentia Institute contributes supplemental research, employs cutting-edge data science techniques, and leverages security expertise to deliver the extensive analysis presented in this Risk Retina, all for less than a day of cyber risk consulting!

Key Takeaways

Information Risk Insights Study: Threat Event Analysis

Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis offers a detailed exploration of incident patterns, threat actors, financial impacts, actor trends across sectors and sizes, threat actor varieties, threat actions (including ATT&CK TTPs), VERIS Action Categories, ATT&CK Tactics & Techniques, top initial access techniques, post-compromise techniques, data exfiltration and impact techniques, compromised assets and attributes, and much more.

With the IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis, the Cyentia Institute is raising the bar in cyber risk assessment, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and fortify their defenses effectively.