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Check out July’s webinar replay: Prioritization to Prediction: Greatest Hits! Our experts, Wade and Jay, will guide you through an insightful journey, discussing the most remarkable highlights from the past 8 volumes of our groundbreaking reports we developed in collaboration with Kenna.

Known for their expertise in vulnerability management, Wade and Jay will provide in-depth analysis and valuable insights derived from years of extensive research. This is a unique opportunity to tap into their wealth of knowledge and gain a comprehensive understanding of the key findings that can enhance your vulnerability management efforts and maximize risk reduction.


Don’t miss out on this engaging session with Cyentia as we unravel the key takeaways from our report’s vast collection of insights. Watch the replay now and to join us for a discussion that will enhance your approach to vulnerability management.

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Stay tuned for Volume 9, scheduled for release later this summer, and ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in vulnerability management research. Take the first step in transforming your cybersecurity strategy by reserving your spot in this must-attend webinar.

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🚨 “‘Infosec twitter’ has been used to describe the vibrant, active and often enthusiastic community of security practitioners working in and around the industry. It’s been a source of insight, inspiration and entertainment for many and for years. Therefore, it is with a bit of sadness that I must announce that the death of infosec twitter is upon us.” Read more about what Jay has to say about “The Death of Infosec Twitter” in his blog post!

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July’s Newest Article!

The Pithy P2P: 5 years of vulnerability remediation & exploitation research
by Wade Baker

Our mission here at the Cyentia Institute has always been to raise the bar of knowledge and practice in the field of cybersecurity through data-driven research. Looking back over the years, I’m proud of the work we’ve done in pursuit of that mission. And if I had to pick one particular stream of research that epitomizes what we aim to accomplish, the Prioritization to Prediction (P2P) series on vulnerability remediation and exploitation would be at the top of my shortlist.

Kenna Security (now part of Cisco) approached us back in 2017 as one of our earliest customers. They wanted to expand their existing research on risk-based vulnerability management and thought our data science and storytelling capabilities would enhance those efforts. That analysis yielded many insights and the Kenna team decided those insights should be shared with the community. Thus, the P2P series was born.

Over the course of nine volumes, we measured aspects of vulnerability management that had never been measured before. We developed metrics and KPIs that can greatly aid organizations in fine-tuning their VM programs and managing risk. The research also spawned broader community efforts like the Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) and our first foray into commercial data feeds with the Exploit Intelligence Service. And if I’m not too bold in saying, I think the research benefitted Kenna Security in many ways as well. All that to say – the P2P series became more than “just reports.”

As time has passed, it’s become challenging to find all the published P2P volumes on the web. It makes me sad to think of current and future VM teams being unable to benefit from this research, so I thought summaries and links should live in one place. As you’ve probably guessed, that place is this post. Enjoy continuing reading the full article here!

P2P Volume 9 is now available!!

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CISO Engagement and Decision Drivers Study
In our report with CyberTheory, we dive into measuring engagement offering key marketing takeaways on everything from intent topics to what has generated the most engagement through Q3 2022.




Don’t miss out on our the P2P webinar, “Prioritization to Prediction: Greatest Hits!” Watch the replay from July 20th where Wade and Jay dive into the remarkable highlights from the past 8 volumes of the reports, developed in collaboration with Kenna. Gain valuable knowledge and actionable insights to enhance your vulnerability management efforts and maximize risk reduction.

Enhancing Cyber Resilience: Leveraging EIS and Shifting CVEs – Monthly Cyentia Webinar Ep 9
🚀 Watch the recent webinar replay for an in depth discussion on Exploit Intelligence Service (EIS) and its game-changing impact on vulnerability management. Discover how EIS tracks and prioritizes exploit code, bridging the gap between published vulnerabilities and real-world exploitation.

We’ll answer these questions & more:

    • How fast does vulnerability exploitation activity spread across a target population?
    • What does that mean for how quickly your organization should remediate these vulns?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity strategy. Watch now and stay one step ahead of cyber threats!

The Cyentia Institute Library

At the Cyentia Institute, we take pride in delivering the latest insights and most cutting-edge research to our clients. Our research team has been hard at work crafting new original research pieces, but that’s not all we’ve been doing. We’ve also been expanding our research library to offer even more valuable resources to our clients. We invite you to explore our growing library and discover the newest additions, which cover a wide range of topics in the cybersecurity field. Whether you’re seeking in-depth analysis of current cyber threats or best practices for managing your organization’s security, you’ll find it in the Cyentia Institute Research Library!

New Reports Added Daily

Information Risk Insight Study (IRIS)

The Information Risk Insights Study, is dedicated to clearing away these fears by leveraging real-world data and rigorous analysis focused on key aspects and challenges of managing cyber risk. With cyber attacks on the rise, businesses need to take cybersecurity risk management seriously. IRIS Risk Retina offers industry-specific data to help you quantify your organization’s cyber risk.

Our family of original research publications is growing still!
With four reports out and more on the way, see what the IRIS has uncovered recently!

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