Cisco, a global leader in technology solutions, and the Cyentia Institute, renowned for its data-driven cybersecurity research, proudly announce the release of Prioritization to Prediction Volume 9: Role of the known exploited vulnerability catalog in risk-based vulnerability management. This latest installment in the P2P research series delves into the intricacies of the “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Binding Operational Directive 22-01,” commonly referred to as “the KEV” (Known Exploited Vulnerabilities).

While the name may not be the most melodious, the KEV has emerged as a pivotal source of information on vulnerabilities and attacker activities. Serving as a cornerstone for cybersecurity strategies, the KEV compels attention due to its direct influence on risk reduction. The Cyentia Institute and Cisco’s collaborative effort delivers a comprehensive exploration of the KEV, unraveling its significance and contextualizing it within the broader landscape of cybersecurity data.

“In P2P v9, we bridge the gap between statistical analysis and practical insights, presenting a comprehensive understanding of the KEV’s implications for organizations. Our research provides valuable context and guidance on how the KEV can be integrated into risk-based vulnerability management programs, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity posture.” ~ Cyentia Institute

Key highlights of Prioritization to Prediction Volume 9:

  • Unveiling the KEV: Delve into the essence of the Known Exploited Vulnerabilities and its role in shaping effective vulnerability management strategies.
  • Contextual Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the KEV’s significance within the cybersecurity landscape, supplemented by statistical analysis.
  • Practical Implementation: Discover actionable recommendations on integrating the KEV into risk-based vulnerability management programs.

Prioritization to Prediction Volume 9 is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Cisco and the Cyentia Institute, showcasing their commitment to advancing cybersecurity knowledge through data-driven research. By providing a comprehensive overview of the KEV’s impact, this report equips organizations with the tools they need to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape and make informed decisions.

Download the complete report and learn more about the insights shared in Prioritization to Prediction Volume 9



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