Two decades ago, as I embarked on the journey of tracking stats in the dynamic realm of information security, the prevailing belief held insiders responsible for the lion’s share of cyber risk threats. This consensus persisted until our release of the first edition of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), a seminal moment that disrupted established notions. The industry’s response to the revelation that a staggering 80% of all events were orchestrated by external threat actors was a mixture of anger and dismissal.

Unfortunately, during those earlier years, the missing link in this narrative was a comprehensive understanding of the financial ramifications tied to both external and insider threats. The elusive data to make this critical comparison remained just out of reach. However, the winds of change have swept through, and I’m thrilled to share that this void in understanding is finally filled. The data, meticulously gathered and analyzed, is now ready to shed light on the nuanced impact of both external and insider threats on financial landscapes.

I’ll drop this chart here and let the data speak for itself:

Frequency and impact of external vs. internal threat actors in security incidents


Why are these insights crucial? Understanding the frequency helps us anticipate the evolving nature of cyber threats, allowing for more proactive defense strategies. Assessing financial losses guides organizations in allocating resources effectively, and prioritizing areas that are most vulnerable.

IRIS Risk Retina Threat Event AnalysisThe revelation of records affected provides a tangible measure of the potential impact on sensitive information, emphasizing the urgency of robust cybersecurity measures.

For those hungry for more than just data, the comprehensive report, available for purchase here delves deeper into the nuances of cyber risk.

Join the exploration into the intricate details of cyber threats, and gain a profound understanding of the forces shaping our digital landscape. In a world where information is power, knowledge of cyber dynamics is the key to resilience.

Want more tea? Check out the recent webinar where we spill the tea on the IRIS Threat Event Analysis!

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