With all of the “launching” going around Cyentia Institute lately, it should not be too much of a surprise to know that we are also launching a podcast.  And if you have gotten a feel for what we are all about at Cyentia then it shouldn’t be a surprise that the podcast is going to dive into our state of knowledge within cybersecurity and especially the people who are working to push the boundaries of our knowledge.  While each episode will be unique, we will be trying to include some mixture of what we’ve discovered or learned about the complexity of security and the techniques and approaches to get to that insight.

In the first full episode, Wade and I were joined by Allison Miller and we discussed the Cyber Balance Sheet.  This is a great introduction to what the podcast is about: we talked about the struggles and benefits of the chosen data collection method and also talked about the insights we were able to get from that work.   In episode two, we were joined by Martin McKeay who is leading the effort for Akamai in gathering and sharing insights from their worldwide network in the State of The Internet / Security report.

Please tune in, subscribe, visit the podcast page and listen to the shows.  Plus if you, or anyone you know has any research or projects to improve the state of our existing insight, we want to talk to you about your work!  Please reach out and let us know what you’re working on!

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