In a world where data is the new gold, safeguarding against cybersecurity threats has become paramount for organizations of all sizes. Yet, despite the growing awareness of cyber risks, a significant challenge remains – the lack of concrete, data-driven insights into threat events. Traditional threat event analysis often relies on anecdotes and conjecture, leaving cybersecurity professionals grappling with uncertainties. However, there’s a beacon of clarity on the horizon. The Cyentia Institute, known for its exceptional work in cybersecurity research, is proud to introduce a huge leap forward in cyber risk assessment – IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis.

A Decade of Data-Driven Insights

Imagine having access to a comprehensive dataset spanning a decade, providing invaluable insights into the frequency and impact of common threat scenarios, actors, and techniques. That’s precisely what IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis brings to the table. In collaboration with Advisen, a trusted leader in cyber loss data, Cyentia Institute delves into historical threat events to offer a meticulous and data-driven view of cybersecurity incidents.

Inside the Report

A Powerful Partnership

To ensure utmost accuracy and comprehensiveness, Cyentia Institute leverages the Advisen Cyber Loss Data. This dataset comprises a staggering 150,000 historical cyber events collected from publicly verifiable sources, making it the most comprehensive incident dataset available. Cyentia Institute complements this data with supplemental research, cutting-edge data science techniques, and cybersecurity expertise, resulting in extensive analysis presented in Risk Retina.

Illuminating Insights

IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis offers a detailed exploration of incident patterns, threat actors, financial impacts, actor trends across sectors and sizes, threat actor varieties, threat actions (including ATT&CK TTPs), VERIS Action Categories, ATT&CK Tactics & Techniques, top initial access techniques, post-compromise techniques, data exfiltration and impact techniques, compromised assets and attributes, and much more.

Structured for Comprehensive Understanding

Structured around the “4 A’s” of the VERIS threat model—actors, actions, assets, and attributes—this analysis translates the narrative of “who did what to what (or whom) with what result?” into a format suitable for comprehensive sharing and analysis. ATT&CK is used to provide an in-depth view of common adversary techniques, going beyond VERIS threat action categories.

Empowering Organizations

With IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis, the Cyentia Institute is not just raising the bar; it’s transforming the landscape of cyber risk assessment. Organizations now have the power to make informed decisions, fortify their defenses effectively, and navigate the complex world of cybersecurity risks with confidence.

In a world where cybersecurity is a top priority, data-driven insights are invaluable. The launch of IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis marks a significant milestone, emphasizing the importance of data-driven analysis in managing today’s cybersecurity landscape. Cyentia Institute’s dedication to clarity and accuracy is shaping the future of cyber risk assessment, making the digital world safer for us all.

For further information and to access IRIS Risk Retina® Threat Event Analysis, visit here.