Thought Leadership

Growing brand visibility and mindshare is hard. We help find your thought leadership sweet spot.

Cybersecurity companies produce enormous amounts of thought leadership content for brand visibility and demand generation. Is your content setting the tone or getting lost in the din?

Finding the sweet spot for thought leadership where your company’s expertise and data intersect with what your customers care about grows more challenging each day. Add in the pressure of differentiating from your competitors’ content, and you can easily find yourself in a tough spot.

At Cyentia Institute, we collaborate with your marketing and PR team to create a content strategy that showcases your data and strengths to your desired audience. Our retainer contracts can span over a year or more, during which we augment or serve as your organization’s security research and thought leadership resource.

We offer the expertise and skills necessary to produce engaging reports or infographics on a particular cybersecurity topic. As a credible and independent research firm, we combine deep cybersecurity domain expertise with data science and data storytelling skills to produce content that meets rigorous standards and resonates with your audience.

We recognize that your data holds valuable narratives. Our data scientists and storytellers will help your team create and execute a data-driven cybersecurity thought leadership content strategy that hits squarely in the sweet spot to maximize impact for your brand.

Cyentia Institute collaborates with prominent entities in the cybersecurity realm, including inventive vendors, non-profit establishments, academic groups, and individual researchers. Our role is to assist these entities in extracting profound insights from data and generating narrative-driven content. Explore some examples of organizations that we have supported in discovering their unique sweet spot.

At the Cyentia Institute, we understand the importance of establishing your thought leadership sweet spot.

That‘s why our research services are designed to help you identify where your expertise and data align with your customers’ needs, and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. We provide data-driven insights that can inform your decision-making, build your brand’s reputation, and establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

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Data evaluation is a crucial step in the process of creating thought leadership content. At Cyentia Institute, we work with clients to analyze data collected through their products and services to identify key insights and trends. By examining this data, we can determine what topics are most relevant and valuable to their target audience, and then use this information to create compelling content that establishes our clients as thought leaders in their respective fields. We take a collaborative approach to this process, working closely with clients to ensure that the resulting content accurately reflects their brand voice and messaging, while also providing genuine value to their customers and stakeholders. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your existing thought leadership strategy, our team of experienced analysts and content creators can help you identify and leverage your data to create meaningful and impactful thought leadership content.

Cyentia Institute offers clients high-integrity, high-quality, and data-driven research, providing valuable marketing content to enhance sales and visibility in competitive markets. The institute strives for long-term relationships with clients to deliver consistent maximum value. Though each project is unique, the methodology remains consistent.

Cyentia Institute follows a strategy of discovery, roadmap creation, and collaboration with clients; aiming to integrate research findings into their products to deliver value to internal teams and customers. The research process includes both data-driven and topic-driven research, where Cyentia conducts background research and designs an appropriate data collection methodology. Finally, Cyentia performs exploratory data analysis and comprehensive data analysis to derive key findings, creating a high-quality, published research report and supporting content, including PR support and marketing activities.

Cyentia Institute offers high-quality research services that are designed to showcase their clients’ data and capabilities in the market. With years of experience in producing successful reports and working with well-known research units, they have established themselves as leaders in data-driven security.

Their Research-as-a-Service approach allows clients to produce quality research without the need for an expensive in-house security data science team. It also enables customers to actively engage in content marketing without the skepticism that often accompanies vendor-sourced research. Whether it’s a single report or an ongoing partnership, Cyentia Institute collaborates with clients to tailor their research services to meet specific goals.

Our methodology of utilizing data-driven insights to inform our white papers and content creation services aims to identify the intersection between your company‘s expertise and your customers’ requirements while also identifying ways to differentiate yourself from competitors.

The Cyentia Institute Library is a valuable resource for those seeking to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity research and thought leadership. With a curated selection of the most relevant industry papers, our library is designed to provide easy access to the latest research findings, best practices, and emerging trends.

We understand that staying up-to-date on industry developments can be time-consuming, which is why we carefully curate the papers in our library to ensure that they are not only informative but also actionable. Our library is constantly updated with new papers, so our clients can always rely on it to provide them with the most current insights and information. By leveraging our library, our clients can strengthen their thought leadership position and make more informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies.

Our events and webinars are a powerful tool for increasing market share and establishing brand recognition. By sharing thought leadership content and insights with an active and influential audience, our clients benefit from being featured alongside us.

At the Cyentia Institute, we see events as a powerful way to boost thought leadership and bring the cybersecurity community closer together. By participating in events, we have the opportunity to showcase our expertise and insights, connect with industry leaders and practitioners, and contribute to important conversations about cybersecurity. We actively seek out event opportunities and partnerships that align with our mission to advance cybersecurity knowledge and practice.

Our team is not just content with attending events, we actively participate and contribute to them. We often speak at conferences, lead workshops, and participate in panel discussions to share our insights and research findings. We also collaborate with event organizers and partners to create engaging content, such as whitepapers and infographics, that further advance thought leadership in the cybersecurity space.

Overall, we see events as an essential component of our thought leadership strategy. They provide us with the opportunity to engage with our peers, learn from other experts in the field, and showcase our capabilities to a wider audience. We look forward to continuing to participate in events and other partnerships that help us achieve our mission of advancing cybersecurity knowledge and practice.

In line with our Thought Leadership goals at the Cyentia Institute, our free webinar and podcast series are designed to share insights, spark conversations, and facilitate the exchange of ideas. Each episode features industry experts discussing timely and relevant topics, from the latest threat trends to emerging technologies and best practices. By leveraging these platforms, we’re able to engage with a broad range of stakeholders and provide valuable thought leadership to the cybersecurity community.

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Alongside our core content, we also maintain an active blog, which features additional information and perspectives drawn from our research, as well as important updates and announcements from the industry. We believe that our blog content helps to expand the knowledge base of our clients and followers, and we are committed to providing content that is both informative and enjoyable to read.

We recognize the power of social media in building and engaging with our community. That’s why we maintain active accounts on several platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, and Instagram. On these platforms, we share our latest research reports, blog posts, webinars, and podcast episodes, as well as relevant industry news and events. We also use social media to connect with our audience, answer questions, and foster discussions on important cybersecurity topics. Follow us to stay up-to-date and join the conversation.

Our blog and social media accounts continue to promote our clients‘ content and maintain their visibility after publication. This ensures that our clients’ message reaches a wider audience and helps furhter establish them in their respective industries.


By partnering with The Cyentia Institute, you can navigate the tough spot with confidence and find success in the sweet spot.

Choosing The Cyentia Institute as your research partner means working with a team that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality research and insights to clients across the cybersecurity industry.

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is an extensive and authoritative resource on cybersecurity threats. Produced by Verizon’s security research team which included Cyentia’s Co-Founders Jay Jacobs and Wade Baker, Ph.D. who led the DBIR team for eight years. It includes contributions from over 80 organizations worldwide; based on an analysis of over 150,000 security incidents and 4,000 confirmed data breaches, and is widely used by organizations, government agencies, and security professionals to inform their cybersecurity strategies and practices. The expertise from the DBIR has been sought after by organizations and government agencies around the world.

Today, Wade and Jay continue to be influential voices in the cybersecurity community as a co-founders of the Cyentia Institute, their work is widely respected and continues to produce the same level of quality content that would be expected from the leaders of the DBIR.

Our co-founders were both instrumental in the development of Verizon‘s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), a widely respected and referenced industry publication. This legacy of excellence and rigor informs everything we do at Cyentia, from our methodology and data-driven approach to our commitment to delivering actionable insights that help clients make informed decisions.

By working with us you gain a strategic partner that can help you navigate the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape, build your brand’s reputation, and establish your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

With a legacy of notable projects and press coverage, Cyentia Institute has established itself as a reputable partner for leading organizations across the cybersecurity community. Our client list includes innovative vendors, non-profit institutions, academic groups, and individual researchers, with whom we collaborate to reveal deeper meaning from data and create compelling content. Together, we advance knowledge and understanding of emerging risks and security trends, building a more informed and proactive security community.