The release of Verizon’s 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) has been eagerly anticipated by the cybersecurity community, and Cyentia Institute is proud to announce our role as a contributing organization to this year’s report.Verizon 2024 DBIR The DBIR is renowned not only for its insights into cybersecurity threats and trends but also for its collaborative approach to data sharing—a key feature highlighted by Cyentia’s CEO and co-founder, Wade Baker.

“The collaboration seen in the DBIR is unmatched in the cybersecurity industry,” Baker commented. “Bringing together a diverse mix of organizations to share data and insights is a monumental achievement, and we are honored to play a part in this effort.”

Cyentia’s history with the DBIR dates back to when the concept of including non-Verizon data was still in its infancy. The DBIR team has significantly expanded its collaboration since 2010, reaching out to international law enforcement agencies and private sector companies alike. This growing network of contributors has continuously enhanced the depth and breadth of the report, making it an essential resource for understanding and combating cybersecurity threats.

The evolution of the DBIR reflects a broader shift in the cybersecurity landscape towards more open and cooperative data sharing. Baker recalls the early challenges of engaging competitors in this endeavor, noting that initial resistance gave way to a more inclusive and collaborative approach. This spirit of cooperation has been vital in advancing the field and ensuring the DBIR remains a cornerstone of cybersecurity intelligence.

Managing contributions from such a diverse range of organizations, along with extensive datasets, is an impressive logistical achievement. “As we review the 2024 DBIR and apply its insights, we should also celebrate the team behind the report,” Baker suggests. “Their dedication to this complex and collaborative project benefits the entire community.”

Cyentia Named Contributor in Verizon's DBIRAt Cyentia Institute, we are proud to continue our involvement with the DBIR and contribute to the collective effort to advance cybersecurity knowledge and practice. Our participation underscores our commitment to fostering research, sharing knowledge, and collaborating across the industry to improve security for organizations worldwide.

As we move forward, Cyentia Institute remains committed to supporting this important work and contributing to future editions of the DBIR. We look forward to continuing our contributions, working together to enhance our defenses against evolving digital threats. Additionally, for those seeking to leverage high-value analysis of their own data, Cyentia offers expert data analytics services. Under the guidance of Wade Baker, former lead of the DBIR team, our expertise ensures you receive top-tier insights to drive your security strategies forward. Connect with us to transform your data into actionable intelligence and stay ahead in the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape.

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