Webinar Episode 4: Financial Services

Join our special IRIS Risk Retina® Webinar introducing the new Financial Services Risk Retina; latest edition in our suite of original, analytical reports dedicated to understanding industry specific cyber risk!

IRIS Risk Retina is a service from the Cyentia Institute built on the highly-regarded Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) series. The goal of Risk Retina is the same as that of the IRIS research—to offer a clearer focus on cyber risk through real-world data and rigorous analysis.

To succeed in this mission, we’ve partnered with Advisen to leverage their Cyber Loss Data containing ~100,000 historical events collected from publicly verifiable sources. It’s the most comprehensive incident dataset we’ve seen, and is used by many cyber insurers and reinsurers for that reason. Upon that solid foundation, we add our own supplemental research, data science techniques, and security expertise to provide the analysis presented in this IRIS Risk Retina.

Most cyber risk frameworks revolve around the frequency and impact of security incidents—but don’t provide actual data—so we direct much of our attention there. You’ll find distributions and key parameters to support any cyber risk quantification (CRQ) process or platform. We also examine common types of incidents that affect Financial organizations, along with the industry’s propensity for extreme cyber loss events.

Watch the Financial Services Webinar today to learn more about the Financial Services Risk Retina and see how a Risk Retina tailored to your industry is beneficial to your cyber risk quantification process.