Webinar Episode 1: IRIS 20/20 Xtreme

Early in 2020, the Cyentia Institute published the Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS 20/20). This first-of-its-kind study leveraged a vast dataset from Advisen, spanning tens of thousands of cybersecurity incidents over the last decade. Our extensive analysis of that dataset yielded valuable insights about the frequency and financial impact of cyber incidents to organizations of all types and sizes. The IRIS 20/20 Xtreme is a follow-up to that research, focusing on the 100 largest cyber incidents of the last five years, totaling $18 billion in reported losses and 10 billion compromised records. We once again started with Advisen’s Cyber Loss Data and then collected hundreds of additional data points on each of these extreme cyber loss events. Our goal was to breakdown the costs, categorize incident types, identify the actors behind these events and the actions they employed, and better understand how these events impacted the organizations involved. Our primary goal remains the same as the IRIS 20/20—to clear the fog of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) surrounding cyber risk and help managers see their way to better data-driven decisions.