A Clearer Focus on Cyber Risk

We’ll skip all the lofty marketing speak: IRIS Risk Retina offers a customizable suite of analytical reports that provide real-world data to support cyber risk quantification.

Cyber Risk is Blurry

There’s a thick fog of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) obscuring cyber risk analysis. Risk managers fear threats they can’t anticipate, battle uncertainty around factors they can’t quantify, and doubt the efficacy of their decisions. Much of this struggle stems from a lack of reliable data on cyber risk factors.

Anyone attempting cyber risk quantification inevitably runs into this data dilemma. The industry has produced helpful frameworks, sound models, and useful software to assess and quantify risk. But it has not offered cyber risk managers the information they need in a form they can actually use–until now. IRIS Risk Retina clears away the FUD with unrivaled data-driven analysis focused where you need it most.