Elevate Security has released its 3rd User Risk research study, conducted in partnership with the Cyentia Institute, titled “High Risk Users and Where to Find Them.” The study examines eight years of Elevate User Risk data from 2014 to 2022. It found that approximately 10% of the worker population represents High Risk users, distributed across all departments. Surprisingly, the research debunked the assumption that simulated phishing tests effectively identify high-risk users, highlighting the need for a more comprehensive approach. Elevate’s User Risk model analyzes billions of data points, including susceptibility to real phishing, data handling, safe browsing, and password management, to provide accurate user risk metrics. High Risk users, though a small percentage, are responsible for a significant proportion of simulated phishing clicks, real-world phishing clicks, secure-browsing incidents, and malware events. The study also revealed that Managers are about 40% more likely to be High Risk than individual contributors.

Watch this live webinar with featured speakers from Elevate Security, Cyentia Institute and Booz Allen Hamilton to learn more about the following: identifying and analyzing high risk individuals and actions; percentages of high risk users in relation to different departments; and, improving security decision making.


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