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Email readers got an EXCLUSIVE first look into the new blog post by Wade Baker, Visualizing the Value of Attack Path Choke Points for Prioritization

We at Cyentia Institute had the opportunity to analyze data from millions of attack path assessments conducted by XM Cyber over the last year. I’d like to share a chart from the report we published from that analysis because it touches on a theme I love exploring in cybersecurity management: prioritizing remediation.

Choke Points: From Concept to Data

We found that the typical organization has 11,000 security exposures that attackers could exploit. These are denoted by the gray squares in the figure, each of which represents 10 exposures. The vast majority of exposures are dead ends or don’t put critical assets at risk, which is why we’ve grayed them out.

About 2% (~200) of these exposures are located on choke points – entities through which multiple attack paths converge en route to critical assets.

These “choke points” are colored yellow and red (more on that distinction in a moment). If you’re looking for quick wins to reduce substantial risk, these offer compelling focal points.

Before we had the chance to examine this data, choke points were just an abstract concept to me. I first recall seeing that term in relation to the MITRE ATT&CK projects that include the visual below. But I don’t recall ever seeing any data on the prevalence of chokepoints or common types of them.

Back to the data at hand, the news for beleaguered defenders gets even better! Our analysis reveals that about one in four choke points exposes 10% or more of the critical assets in the environment (red squares). In other words, these exposures put attackers on the fast track to causing major harm to the organization. Prioritizing these critical choke points represents a minimal effort, maximum effect approach that equates to a whopping 99.6% reduction in the scope of remediation!

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