Panda Labs Annual Report 2017


This report discusses events of 2017 and lays out trends and predictions for 2018, including the secret of how to fight malware. In this report’s conclusion, they go a little more into detail, but ultimately the secret is “forgetting about” malware. If we focus on fighting malware, the battle is lost before it has begun.

Source(s): NA, PandaLabs

Topic(s): Controls, GRC Management, Impact and Loss, Information Assets, Market trends, Miscellaneous, Security attributes, Threats

Subtopic(s): Actors and motives, Availability, CIS "Top20" Controls, Compliance, Confidentiality, Cybercrime market, Data, Desktop software, Emerging tech, Events and TTPs, External services, Governance, InfoSec market, Infrastructure, Integrity, Loss forms, Risk, Vulnerability


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