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Mar 21 2019 - Mar 22 2019


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Why Does Application Security Take So Long?

Why does it take so long to fix insecure code? We pair new data about the lifecycle of a vulnerability with learnings from application security programs to answer this perennial question. Our data comprises 700,000 individual assessments and a population of over 22 million unique security findings over a 12-month period, easily the largest application security data set of its size. Chris will discuss outcomes of this study with a particular focus on identifying the factors that correlate most strongly (or not at all!) with fix rates. He’ll also provide data-backed insights into the contentious question of whether DevOps is a boon or a burden for security. Jay will do a deep dive into the analysis process and some of the techniques, such as survival analysis, he applied to the data set in order to measure and visualize the outcomes we were interested in. We’ll also describe how we identified and handled anomalous customer data that would have otherwise produced skewed representations of developer behaviors.

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