At the Cyentia Institute, we are excited to announce a powerful collaboration with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to expand our esteemed Information Risk Insights Study (IRIS) research series. This upcoming study will delve deep into the intricate landscape of ransomware trends and the underlying risk factors that shape this evolving threat. This effort builds upon the rich foundation of our previous IRIS publications, which you can explore here.

A core part of the IRIS series is a massive dataset of historical incidents sourced from Zywave (formerly Advisen). We will tap into that data again for this new study, but we’re also seeking to broaden the scope and diversity of our data sources. Our ultimate goal is to compile a truly comprehensive analysis of ransomware risk – one that encompasses the myriad dimensions of this ever-evolving threat landscape.

By incorporating data from various perspectives, we can paint a more detailed and complete picture of ransomware’s impact on different industries, the evolving tactics employed by threat actors, and the real-world consequences faced by organizations of all sizes. In essence, we’re striving to provide a holistic view that empowers businesses to make informed decisions and fortify their defenses effectively.

Do You Have Ransomware Data?

To achieve this, we’re reaching out to the following types of organizations to contribute (anonymized/sanitized) data:

  • Incident response firms that actively investigate ransomware incidents.
  • Anti-malware and/or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) vendors engaged in ransomware-related work.
  • Insurers actively processing ransomware incident claims.
  • Entities with expertise in monitoring payments to ransomware groups, wallets, and related activities.

If your organization fits any of these criteria, or if you know of one that might be interested, we invite you to reach out about this critical collaborative effort. Our partners will have the opportunity to provide valuable data that enhances this research and, in return, gain wide-reaching visibility as a featured contributor to the report.

Ready to be part of this exciting journey? Join the collaboration here.

Together Towards Cyber Resilience

In an era where cyber threats continue to escalate, collaborative research efforts are essential to bolstering our collective defenses. We look forward to working hand in hand with CISA and our partners to shed light on ransomware’s intricacies and, ultimately, contribute to a safer digital world.

To learn more about the Information Risk Insights Series and this innovative collaboration with CISA, visit our website here.

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